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Positions update

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Over the past week:

EXM - added some at .036, will add more on break through .04. My target .05.

BMN - Added a few at 3.35. Will add more on any pullback. TSX listing, U appreciating, and next JORC should provide support.

BPT - sold all at 2% loss - was getting bored. Oil stocks not around all time highs should be shot.

HLX - missed opportunity to take some profits in mid 50s because I was out on the turps.

KMN - woof. Added more last week, will add again on break up, if that ever happens.

MAKO - thinking of adding MAK with fe aeromagnetics being flown this month.

LGL - consolidating even though POG is flying - expecting pullback shortly. Will add more on likely gold correction.

NCM - failing at $34, needs a takeover rumour, or will fall back to $30 ish. Will add more on likely good correction.

NWE - consolidating above support, looks like it might move up again. Just holding. Target .38 ish. Oil due for pullback...
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  1. prawn_86's Avatar
    Do you trade NCM on a margin or CFD kennas? As 140% profit you would have been hodling for ages!
  2. kennas's Avatar
    I short term trade with CFDs but rarely hold long term. I buy with a price target and a stop and stick with that.

    I first bought NCM at $12 in 2004 and have been buying and selling since.
  3. vishalt's Avatar
    you must be making a killing with NCM, im scared to touch gold lol
  4. kennas's Avatar
    Not as much as I would like. I've hardly added to my position since the breakout because I was waiting for the world to implode from the credit crunch.

    I suppose I could have bought in with a stop, but I'm thinking POGs got another couple of years to push higher until the USD recovers....(if recovers)

    There's gotta be a POG correction soon, when I will add some more.
  5. moneymajix's Avatar
    I would like to see more than 5c for EXM.
    Had a dream last night that they had tonnes of gold!

  6. kennas's Avatar
    LOL. 5 cents will be a 25% ish gain. My plan would be to sell a few at that point, depending on news and the overall market. I'll probablly buy more on break through 4 cents. Not holding too many really. It's pretty spec for a spec!


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