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Recent buys - BLD, IAG, RML, IRL

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I thought I should add in here about some recent buys.

BLD (in at 6.77)
I originally had a small holding of BLD. With the SP sinking and reaching an apparent bottom, I topped up. I see a future for BLD with infrastructure spending in Australia, as well as housing.

IAG (in at 4.71)
I didn't have any exposure to the insurance sector. Based on recent SP performance, and the fact that the dividend return is quite good, I decided to invest a small parcel in IAG. It was either IAG or Suncorp, in the end IAG got the nod.

RML (in at 0.405)
Another miner. I know I shouldn't be buying more, but I got tempted. They are just starting production, so at least they're not a pure explorer or spec play! I hold big hopes for the future of this company.

IRL (SPP at 0.20)
I already hold IRL, currently at a small loss. But this is a spec player I think will go places, and it aligns with my desire to gain some exposure to foreign markets (I already have investments in China and India equities through AGF and INES, so this complements those). I bought into the SPP as it is at a slight discount to the market. Obviously by buying more, it is one I will keep.

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  1. vishalt's Avatar
    bld is a pretty nice choice, is that a long term asset to your portfolio?
  2. DionM's Avatar
    vishalt - Yes it is.


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