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Watchlists - good or bad?

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I'm talking about watchlists of potential aquisitions to your portfolio.

On one hand it's saddening to see shares rocketing up you've havent bought into yet.

and on the other, you see things that make you think "boy, I'm glad I didn't get that!"

What are your feelings? Those are my two mains ones. I guess other feelings could be tracking stuff in general, training yourself in picking good stocks, doing what-ifs, etc..

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  1. kennas's Avatar

    Though, I think you need to have a detailed plan for each stock on the watchlist. ie, at what point do you buy? Or, sell?

    It takes a bit of effort but recording this information will help you with making decisions. And it needs to be constantly reviewed. I have about 60 on my list at the moment and I try to review them all each day.
  2. moneymajix's Avatar
    Watchlists are good esp. if you pay attention and buy when activity indicates.

    I looked at a stock today which I had forgot about. It has reached a price I like (gone down) and I will buy more next week. I obviously expect the sp. to increase.

    60 seems a long list!
    I like something more manageable.


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