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Prawn's thoughts

CFD's 22/10

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Closed out RIO @ $105.60
4% loss
($424) including brokerage.

Holding NAB and WES in anticipation of dividends.

Sitting on the sidelines with the rest until market stabalises.

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  1. prawn_86's Avatar
    Also put a short on the index futures earlier tonight.

    Closed it at b/e.

    So far out of 5 trades i've had 2 b/e, 2 are still open and one massive loss.

    Maybe i should stick to investing...
  2. vishalt's Avatar
    lol you still can, as long as you watch your gearing.

    good thing you got stopped out of the index, it rallied hardcore today
  3. prawn_86's Avatar
  4. kennas's Avatar
    LOL Prawn. It's all lessons in the big scheme. There will be many many more losses!!! Enjoy.


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