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MY port folio

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by , 20th-October-2007 at 12:44 AM (2315 Views)

Date 19 october, 2007.


AIO 1000 -@ 8.88 TARGET $11
ARR 5665 - @ 1.93 TARGET $4
AXT 31,797 @ .30 TARGET $1, THEN $5
BLD 1717 @ 7.27 TARGET $9
CME 100,000 @.05 TARGET $10 CENTS
CPU 1400 @ 8.99 TARGET $11
JHX 1000 @6.77 TARGET $9
NWS 477 @ 26.19 TARGET $50
PEM 1500 @ 3.93 TARGET $5.20 THEN $8
PTM 2069 @ 6.04 TARGET $8 THEN $15
TAH 500 @ 14.86 TARGET $17 THEN $25

Current market value $112,753

all ords 6723

I am 22 years of age, and have been interested in the market for some time. I have a BT margin lending account that has a $48,000 loan on it i have about 20% untill a margin call so i think i am safe at the moment.

I have decided to buy stocks I like in $12500 batches. I was very bullish on BHP and RIO back when they were 70 and 24 bucks. i didnt do well out of them and my lack of experience probably cost me 50k in profits.

none the less i am a survivor. and in the green.

SO i have decided to take more of a boring approach to my portfolio for the next 5 years.

I have basically got some high paying dividend stocks, combined with some exploration companies, and growth stories.

I have taken profits too early before which has been my downfall.

So I have come up with my port folio which is lacking a major miner, and a major bank.

I am trying to invest in what i see as value, or upside through exploration.

I see tabcorp, telstra, argo, as my life time stocks. the dividends over a long period of time will be re-invested.

I am trying to buy below valuations.

on my targets i have


I think there is a lot of heat in the market at the moment, and a lot of stocks are over priced. i am concerned that if BHP falls the market will really be punished.

I think interest rates and the US dollar will have an effect on american exposed stocks so i may sell NWS,an not buy into MIG on that basis.

if the dollar becomes the same in aus as it is in US then i think pacific brands should do really well as they import there goods.

i am have taken the diversified approach because i am no genious and i figure if i buy into enough top 50 companies then i am a chance of doing well.

for me the divided is important.

If a stock outperforms i am always tempted to take profits.... good bad... depending on AXT drill results there may be a case to buy more. i have been in an out since float and think they are a great company with a bucket load of copper.

this is my blog. so i can say they are going to go to the moon.

biggest mistakes...

sellling YML at 25 cents for a $400 profit
selling cqt at 13 cents for a $900 profit.

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  1. Gurgler's Avatar
    Hey, Ken

    Thank you for sharing your portfolio information and opinions.
    We share only a couple of stock interests (NAB, ARR and TLSCA - plus a past interest in SRZ, now out of it), but I'm interested in your position size of $12,500. How did you come at that figure? I have just moved up from $3000 to $5000 and thought that was adventurous. At $12500 I might feel a little overexposed - risk wise.

    Like you I have changed recently to buying more dividend bearing stock. What do you consider a good annual %? I have been working on 5% minimum, but wonder if I'm kidding myself! Currently considering CPK which yields about12% p/a, but I don't know how it will perform as a growth stock between 15 Nov and 16 May 08 (the 2 ex-div dates).

    Then again, I'm 57 so may have different perspective to you - in terms of performance expectations (?).

    BTW I have recently also moved into some gold stocks - I think I saw your posting on a gold thread: OXR, SAR and GCR. What's you opinion of these?


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