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Positions update

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In the last week:

**Topped up a few HLX, NWE and NCM
**Received rights issue from NCM (7 for 20 @ $17.40)
**Received HLX free bonus options (1 for 8)
**Redeemed all units in Platinum International Fund
**Ceased regular investment in Hunter Hall VGT

Comming up:

**Will look at more HLX on break through 35
**Watching KMN very closely for turn around at which time I will buy more. Looking for higher lows and break through 70. As much as I love the funnymentals, the market doesn't seem to. Concerning.
**Need to work out a plan for BPT. Seems to have broken out well, but not sure if this is just a chart trade or long term hold for the funnys. Not really sure what the funnys are yet. I think it's an oil company.
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  1. moneymajix's Avatar
    Did you buy more EXM?
  2. kennas's Avatar
    Yes, but I think that was the last update. Topped up on 10 Oct. Ave price .033.
  3. Gurgler's Avatar

    So, following the 2.6% drop on the DJIA how would you see the plan changing - if at al?

    Do you allow all stops to be taken out and top up on stoacks when sp's settle?

    Or are there some of these positions that you soldier through with?

  4. kennas's Avatar
    Greg, I have reduced my stock holdings from about 50 to the current 10 which will allow me to move fast if required. Except for EXM and maybe BPT, these are longer term positions that I am sure will do OK in the long run. I'm in a position where I do not need an income from the market, so I can wait. I'm going to watch the open tomorrow and may short the index to hedge, and/or take advantage of a knee jerk. I will also look to buy more of any of my current holdings depending....

    I think housing/credit crunch is largely factored in at the moment and I think the damage is ring fenced around the financial services sector associated with sub prime. I also think BRIC is NOT entirely factored in and is going to drive the Australian economy for another 10+ years. This is a long term perspective.

    On the other hand, the Western consumerist psych is troubling and may end in great disaster....

    I may be wrong.


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