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FUN thoughts.

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Any opinions ?

This has come up on my radar, just about on 12 month lows but with a very good yeild of over 6% fully franked.

Whats the problem ?, has fallen over 50% from its highs a few years ago.

Was in some kind of takeover talks about 6 months ago, but been going backwards ever since.
Same here. I've had this one on my watch list for a long time but ever since the share price has moved south I kind of forgot about it.

Fun import a lot of toys but I can recall reading an report that they were facing growing pressure from dept stores like big w and target bypassing the distributors and importing non exclusive toys themselves.

This is quite evident when you pick up a toys only brochure, target + big w regularly do a run off, and often there'll be one or two lines which have "only at target" or "target exclusive" on them.


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