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Trader Paul

Let's Reticulate Australia ..... :)

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by , 15th-October-2007 at 11:35 PM (1041 Views)

Hi folks,

Did you know that we have been pumping water from Perth to Kalgoorlie,
which is 360 metres above sea level, for over 100 years !~!

Imagine, how much water and energy we can save, if we could REVERSE
that flow ..... there would be a torrent of water flowing into our parched
reservoirs in Perth and other dry capitals, throughout Australia can also
be supplied, with some of the sweetest water, that you have ever tasted !~!

Described as the largest infrastructure project, since the Snowy River
Scheme, Reticulate Australia has the potential to bring into reality the
dreams of forward-thinkers, like Ernie Bridge, billionaire Richard Pratt and
C.Y. O'Connor ....

From the Ord River dam in the Kimberley, let's build a SHORT link to the
NORTHERN Officer Basin to MAINTAIN underground reserves in and then
another pipeline from SOUTHERN Officer Basin to Kalgoorlie, and on to
Perth and the dry interior of the South-west wheatbelt.

Fill the old gold mining pits and regional dams to optimum levels to
encourage local industry, leisure and tourism activities.

Another line from the Officer Basin to be run EASTWARDS, in tandem
with a GAS pipeline from Kalgoorlie and/or Canning Basin onshore gasfields
to the Palm Valley gasfields, the onwards to Alice Springs and Moomba.

From there, both water and gas can be distributed in this dual-pipe
configuration to link with established networks and create new links to
critical dams and reservoirs at the head of our failing eastern waterways.

We have the WATER and GAS , we have the technology, let's get a
committment from the pollies to stand up and lobby for a common-sense
approach to maintaining water and energy, throughout Australia.

Towing icebergs from Antarctica or giant desalination plants are NOT
the answer for drought-proofing Australia ..... instead, we have a PROVEN
underground resource of potable water, in the Officer Basin, more than
THREE times the size of Sydney Harbour ... and a means to CONTINUALLY
replenish that underground storage to give us a PERMANENT wtaer supply,
Australia-wide !~!

Imagine the benefits to farmers across the nation, a water supply, that
never runs dry!! Fill Cubbie Station catchments, with a mandate to
maintain water flows, in the Darling River system ... it CAN be DONE !~!

Broadacre irrigation to ensure a bumper cotton and grain crops along
the Darling River system ... EVERY YEAR!!

Open up new land that was previously marginal, due to lack of water.
and fill the Western Lakes Districts of Victoria again, to optimal levels.

Without any treatment, the water quality is much better, than that
delivered to Adelaide, for example and if our federal government does
not take the initiative, then the states will eventually be forced into
tapping this resource, anyway. If that happens, it will take a lot longer
to complete the national grid, as it will be a fragmented approach.

Get involved, have your say about the advancement of a pipeline network
that will drought-proof Australia and provide cheap energy nationwide.

In this election year, let's get a commitment from the politicians to build
a national gas and water grid ... once and for all, let's drought-proof this
country and finally Reticulate Australia, with BOTH GAS and WATER ... !~!

have a great day


P.S. ..... Rudd has already indicated, that WATER will be an election issue.
Let's see if either major party has the political gumption to support
the BIGGEST infrastructure project, that Australia has ever seen !~!


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  1. prawn_86's Avatar
    my father (a fruit grower) has been saying for years that water from the top should be piped down the centre opening up all of Aus.

    i admire the idea, but imo that is all it ever will be. government these days have no balls, no matter what party they are from. see my blog for my opinion of politics and politicins
  2. Trader Paul's Avatar

    ... your father is a very clever man ... !~! ...

    have a great day


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