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T0BY trades

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The USDA’s latest Crop Progress report showed Corn was in a pretty good shape in the USA, but despite this the price of corn hasn't faltered, which indicates strength in the market.
Flooding in Argentina and dry conditions in Brazil impacted South Americas corn crop, putting increased pressure on the U.S. crop; therefore, the health of the upcoming corn crop, stateside, is imperative for corn prices. If bad weather hits the U.S. corn belt more upside could be experienced.Click image for larger version. 

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CoT last week showed large speculators and managed money were increasing long side.Click image for larger version. 

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  1. T0BY's Avatar
    Corn has been up trading 436-6 which is the 2015 high. I'm worried all the buyers have already bought. I'm happy to take profits at this price, I want to be out of the market next week, when Britain votes to leave European Union.


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