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Is CSD about to go above 25 cents???

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A few things to understand about the recent history of CSD.
1. Between May and August, the company was in an upswing, ready to break out... BUT...
2. A company that owned a significant portion (at one stage was the second largest holder) sold.
3. At the same time (around the start of August for both), the ALL ORDs (and globe) pulled back.
4. The pullback has bottomed and settlement, a DFS and drilling results are almost here.

So where to now? Is it about to break upwards?

Once settlement is completed, the skies the limit with CSD then owning a working mill worth $100 million (replacement cost), a tin project worth nearly $200 million (using NPV), and free-carried drilling worth over $20 million, plus the many resources including working mines and leases (with two having market value of around another $20 million). I think we calculated $5 billion in resources in the ground, assuming commodity prices in Aussie dollars stays the same and conservative targets are met.

In the end, IF management deliver on their current statements, then long-termers should see substantial gains sooner rather than later.


Let the monkeys fight for the scraps.

PS - For Johnny Rotten and Princess Q; add together the assets and take away your predictions for Capex and loans and then divide by the number of shares. Yep, that's right, it's way more than 25 cents!

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  1. Early1's Avatar
    Just to be clear on the price target....

    Once settlement is completed (yes, QLD government, hurry up will you), CSD will have 890 million shares and assets worth around $340 million. If you deduct $3 million for debt and a Capex of $76 million (as stated from the old PFS but soon to be updated), then it's around $260 million.

    260/890 = 0.29 (or 29 cents).

    Then, of course, the enterprise will be worth the most at the start, plus recent drill results from their free-carried arrangement with Wanguo has given it further resources to run with.

    The only thing missing is SETTLEMENT!!!

  2. Early1's Avatar
    Up 30 plus percent in a day.

    Need about ten more of these. ;-)


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