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majix million$


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See chat with MD yesterday on the ALK thread.

Seems this company is undervalued.

Currently 36c (up nearly 25% yesterday).

Based on its projects maybe worth more like
80c to $1.

Company has gold and rare earths.

US research company did a write up recently which has probably gotten US investors on board yesterday.

This reminds me a bit of LYC in the 30s. US tipsheet gave it the nod and it progressed nicely from that point.

Also, Gandel is a director.

One to keep an eye on, imo.
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Updated 11th-October-2007 at 10:33 AM by moneymajix (added chart :))



  1. moneymajix's Avatar
    ALK is currently 33c.

    Some results due any time, before end October.

    Guess is any good news and we could see 40s again. Recently hit low 40s.
  2. ishakeel's Avatar
    Some activity after a huge drop
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