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New to Stock Market

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I am currently a high school student and I have found an interest in the stock market and I was hoping any elite traders out there could give me some pointers in which direction I should start in. Help like which books or which websites I should use to get me started would be much appreciated.


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  1. Joe Blow's Avatar
    Hi Benjaz, welcome to ASF!

    There are a lot of threads in the forums that cover these sorts of topics, mostly in Trading/Investing Resources and Beginner's Lounge. Here are a couple to start you off:


    The key to tracking down threads of interest is to use the search function and enter keywords such as "books" and "websites". There are more than 22,000 threads here at ASF, many of them filled with knowledge and useful information. Your job is to track them down and read them.

    Best of luck!
  2. Jonbra's Avatar
    Hello, it is good you have started in the stock market, great going. Today I just wanted to say one thing ARDIDEN LTD a minerals exploration company is about to go through the roof! Their share code is ADV. I've done my research and it is going to rise. I have already made 100% ruse on investment. Be quick before its too late, you will regret you didn't buy Ardiden LTD.


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