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CFD Trial

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I have taken out a 14day free trial with cmc markets, for their cfd platform, and am considering putting 2k into cfds.

i am trying to agressively grow my portfolio, and cfd's offer the leverage to do so. small % moves can result in big gains (and losses) but im willing to have a crack.

will see how the trial goes.

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  1. It's Snake Pliskin's Avatar
    Have you thought of the market makers tricks and how they make money? I use direct access because I only like to trade the markets and not the broker as well. Macquarie has a reasonable platform.
  2. prawn_86's Avatar
    I have considered the risks Snake, and thankyou for your concern.

    Ultimately, as with my entire share portfolio, it is money i do not absolutely need, so if worse comes to worse it wont break me. Not that i want that to happen of course.


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