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The Lyceum - searching for eudaimonia


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I've been in Singa for 2 weeks now with work. I've only had limited opportunity to get out and about and get on the net so my overall opinion is still in train.

This is my 4th visit here, but the longest. Like for most others, it's a stepping stone, not a place to stop. Why stop here?

I've now had a good couple of days to walk around a get to know the place and I'm still unsure. Really confused in fact.

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  1. kennas's Avatar
    Went to Changi Chapel / Museum today. Wow, what a shakeup. It's hard to believe that SIngapore fell to the Japanese in such remarkably easy terms. They were outnumbered 3 to 1 and they attacked an island. Pretty poor effort by the British commanders at the time. Poor defensive plan, poor intelligence, lack of courage. If they had have known what was to come under occupation perhaps they would have fought harder. But, they did know the Japanese and their brutality. Why they just rolled over is just remarkable.


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