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Trading the SPI


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We were given 6764/5 on the 8th or 19th October 2007
We will of course be Selling this level.

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  1. Bronte's Avatar
    This of course should be labelled a: "Big Number"
    We were given the number last Christmas.
  2. kennas's Avatar
    Calling a top Bronte?
  3. Bronte's Avatar
    6764/5 hasn't exactly held kennas.
    So far we have seen -12 + 21 points from 6765
    6777 High quickly followed by 6744 Low
    A lot of work is presently been done around this level.
    Updated 10th-October-2007 at 02:11 PM by Bronte
  4. Bronte's Avatar
    6764/5 Excellent Support after lunch yesterday.
    Record High 6798 (Big Number)
    Yesterdays Close and todays Open
    Also todays pivot point.....so far.
  5. Bronte's Avatar
    Posted 10th-October-2007 at 09:32 AM by Bronte
    We were given 6764/5 on the 8th or 19th October 2007
    We will of course be Selling this level."

    Twenty year anniversary (plus a few days)
    6880 1st November 2007 Record High

    5183 Todays SPI Low
    5172 Sycom Low
  6. Bronte's Avatar
    5183 was the Day SPI Low
    We are now getting close to 6000 again.
  7. Bronte's Avatar
    We are looking for a 4780 Low
    Friday 18th July 2008
  8. Bronte's Avatar
    We saw 4787 Low yesterday
    4784 Low this morning.
    4780 is Gann Support.
  9. Bronte's Avatar
    We have just seen a nice 4872 High
    That is 88 points above our Support.
  10. Bronte's Avatar
    One of our posts from another forum:
    "The 'Double Top' we called on 18th May 2008 (page one)
    18th July 1988 gave us a Major High (20 years ago)
    17th July 1996 gave us a Major Low (12 years ago)
    19th July 2006 gave us a Low (2 years ago)
    18th July gave us a Low last year.
    Who knows what this year holds ?"
  11. Bronte's Avatar
    4781 Low on Sycom overnight
    Dow closed up +277 points.
    Now 4920 High +139 pts
  12. Bronte's Avatar
    Dow closed up another +207 points
  13. kennas's Avatar
    So what do these things mean Bronte?

    I mean, what's the point is telling your blog that the Dow closed up 207 points?
  14. Bronte's Avatar
    Hi kennas, (enjoy your blog)
    We were looking for confirmation of the Strong Gann Support
    4780 Low (called as above, last Tuesday) or ..
    We were looking for a Double Bottom Low on the
    18th July (called as above and also on other forums)
    4784 Low 16th July
    (Also 4781 Triple Bottom Low on Sycom)
    4937 High 17th July
    18th July 4814 Double Bottom Low
    Dow closed up +50 points
    4925 High on Sycom
  15. kennas's Avatar
    Thanks Bronte, will punch that in to the diary. I am bamboozelled. eeeeek! Sean.
  16. Bronte's Avatar
    Nice confirmation of the Strong Gann Support 4780
    & Gann Timeframe Low 18th July 2008
    Now 4960 High
  17. Bronte's Avatar
    We have just seen:5149 High
  18. kennas's Avatar
    Bronte, Why is

    'we have just seen:5149 High'


    You're saying the market's now going down?
  19. Bronte's Avatar
    Yes kennas, very important to Gann traders.

    5149 - 4784 = 365 Points
    Updated 24th-July-2008 at 10:09 AM by Bronte
  20. kennas's Avatar
    So what does 365 points mean?

    Market's now going up, down, or sideways?
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