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Positions update

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I've pretty much withheld from buying much the past few weeks expecting the US to produce some more correction causing news but it hasn't eventuated....

I've missed some great opportunites in the big caps with the market breaking high after high...

HLX - Looking at topping up if support around 30 cents holds. Expecting AQA to take a larger position and Yalleen results to provide continued support.

LGL and NCM - Will add more on dips.

BMN - Looks to have found support at $2.75. Looking to add a few more if this holds here to confirm upward trend in tact.

EXM - $0.03 holding. Will add more this week if confirmed support. Drilling starts end Oct which I expect to provide good support.

KMN - Good ann out confirming Cu/Mo all over the shop at Kalman. Piles of assays awaited. Looks like it might be ready to break up on the chart. Or down...But market cap to au comparison tells me a near bottom has been found.

I'm going to ditch Platinum International Fund this week, which has been a turkey. Money will be ready for other opportunities.

I haven't been day trading due to being in Cuzco and holidaying!!

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  1. moneymajix's Avatar
    October has been hot.


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