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Sir Osisofliver

  1. Newbies and Learning

    Every so often I wander into the Beginners thread to see what is happening and I keep seeing the same questions asked over and over again, similarly I can see a serious lack of basic financial education and understanding in threads like Storm and Brisconnections. I myself have expressed my view that what we need is education so those that choose to be educated, the cycle won't continue. The question becomes then with the wealth of knowledge on this forum surely there is something that we can do? ...
  2. Stuff, rubbish and bitching

    So I suppose it's one of the trickier questions. I was given a great piece of advice when I was a young man.

    Find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life.

    It's a great mantra to live by because many people spend so much of our time at our "job" - whatever that may be. So you may as well be happy to be there - like the people you work with - and get great job satisfaction.

    The problem I have at the moment is that someone is trying ...
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