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  1. Trade US session open; SPI scalp buy +15 pts

    This was a scalp only due to the time in SYD being 11:30 pm US open,
    and I didn't think I'd be awake long enough for a swing trade ( ashame !)

    Anyway, that was my trading plan, and I stuck to it.....

    I traded more than usual on this trade as I saw it as a rare opportunity.
    The move down leg C correction was very climactic to watch forming in minutes, I thought it was un-sustainable...As scary as it seemed to buy it,
    the things I look for lined up ...
  2. Trading the SPI - day trading development journal

    This journal will be a pictorial, and technical discussion of my
    Trades. But in particular my rational explanations of how I analyse
    The market to justify taking a trade. It will also act as a journal
    Of my losers and winners - and my notes concerning those aspects such as rules followed, broken, changes to make to approach and psychological reflections and considerations. It is chiefly for myself I am doing this blog to help develop my abilities to become a professional ...
  3. Billionaire's Favorite Books

    We all want to know how people become successful. What drive them to achieve their dreams? Who influenced their life? How they make their decisions?

    There isn't one formula which will work for all. We all have different skills, abilities, education, environment and goals. Each of us benefits or loses something along our life journey.

    Sometimes one stranger can change our life forever...

    There is a reason why things are happening in our life. We
  4. New to Stock Market

    I am currently a high school student and I have found an interest in the stock market and I was hoping any elite traders out there could give me some pointers in which direction I should start in. Help like which books or which websites I should use to get me started would be much appreciated.

  5. Doing a lot better but not quite sure why

    In the last 19 months investing or gambling really has gone well though luck seems to have played a big part in that - maybe little good fortune for 5 years may just be that, luck returning.

    One improvement has been taking losses more quickly, might just be nervousness though hopefully a good bit more than that. Ignoring sudden jumps in stock prices has helped as jumping in often means sitting on losses and having a portfolio of losers - selling losers means you have none or very ...
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