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  1. Doing a lot better but not quite sure why

    In the last 19 months investing or gambling really has gone well though luck seems to have played a big part in that - maybe little good fortune for 5 years may just be that, luck returning.

    One improvement has been taking losses more quickly, might just be nervousness though hopefully a good bit more than that. Ignoring sudden jumps in stock prices has helped as jumping in often means sitting on losses and having a portfolio of losers - selling losers means you have none or very ...
  2. Need suggestion on forex training

    I happened to find this person giving a online training in the below said area, I would like to hear if the below said is good to go.

    Course Details:

    Fundamental analysis

    1) Fx market

    2) Candles Chat / Patterns

    3) About Broker

    Technical analysis

    1) Trend analysis

    2) Movement analysis

    3) Sentimental analysis with Solutions

    4) More ...
  3. CFD Recording on Tax return

    Hi - new to this site.

    I usually do my own tax and wonder how I record my CFD activity for the financial year - I know it is not in the usual shares area so not sure where I should put it?
  4. Merrill Lynch tips Woolworths shares to soar after shake-up

    Do you guys think it's the good time for the entry ??
  5. Trading with Price ,Pattern and Time

    Trading using Price ,Pattern and Time analysis

    Hi All
    Over my years of study and trading I have been using the combination of price , pattern and time analysis in my medium to long term trading and have been successful so far. I will see if I can explain.

    A traders number one job is to reduce risk, which is why we combine price, pattern and time in our analysis. When all three areas confirm at the same point on a chart the probability of a move increases ...
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