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  1. Modelling-trading-system-performance

    Does anyone have the book by Howard Band “ Modelling-trading-system-performance” for sale or alternatively, perhaps someone has a PDF of the same book if one was once available.
    Please contact me at keith123@exemail.com.au.

    Thanks Keith
  2. TOP 20 charts earnings dividends etc

    Just a spot to keep track of goings on , charts , revisions , dividends and anything else deemed worthwhile

    AMP 12/04/2016

    AMP 06/07/2016 further downwards earnings revisions

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    Updated 6th-July-2016 at 10:40 PM by Quant

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  3. emerald verge

    Has anyone heard or have had any dealings with a company called emerald verge ? Its a binary system betting on markets rising and falling. They say its run by a Martin Schwartz and has a success rate in excess of 80% Would like to know more about them if anyone can . Rick
  4. Frank


    I was wondering if anyone has heard of or had dealings with Australian Smart Investors Group. You can view them at theasig.com If anyone could recommend them at all.

  5. What Currency Conversion Provider do you Use?

    Hi Everyone,

    Looking to find the cheapest currency conversion, likely a forex provider. I have around $20,0000-$30,000 to start and plan on doing no more than 5 conversions a year. Anyone have any recommendations? I too am having problems after interactive broker's forex service was ended.
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