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  • Aussie Stock Forums Code of Conduct

    Aussie Stock Forums Code of Conduct

    1. Aussie Stock Forums was established and is built around the concepts of mutual respect and the free exchange of information and knowledge for the benefit of all.

    2. All members must treat other members with respect at all times. This means insults, name calling and personal attacks on other members are strictly forbidden. Forum trolling - the intentional provoking of other forum members - is also forbidden. Please treat other members as you yourself would wish to be treated. Repeated violations of this rule will result in the suspension of your Aussie Stock Forums account.

    3. Obscene language and the use of language that is hateful, sexist, racist, harassing or threatening is strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated.

    4. Please do not offer or ask for financial advice on Aussie Stock Forums. It is illegal for anyone other than a licensed financial adviser to provide you with financial advice specific to your particular situation.

    5. Please keep all threads ON TOPIC. If you feel like going off on a tangent, start another thread! Off topic posts may be deleted by the administrator or forum moderators.

    6. Any post that is simply a blatant ramp of a stock will be deleted. Continued ramping will result in the suspension of your Aussie Stock Forums account.

    7. You, and you alone, are responsible for the content of your posts, including any images or files attached to your posts or links contained within your posts. Any information that you post must be true or accurate to the best of your knowledge. If you are unsure of the accuracy of any information, your post should include the appropriate qualifications. Keep in mind that you may be liable for anything that you say that may be defamatory, threatening or that contravenes securities law. Please be sure to review the ASF Posting Guidelines for further information.

    8. Aussie Stock Forums must not be used for any illegal activity, including the breach of copyright or privacy legislation. It is forbidden for any member to post personal information about another member anywhere on Aussie Stock Forums.

    9. You are forbidden to use Aussie Stock Forums for commercial activity of any kind without receiving prior permission from the administrator. This includes the use of affiliate referral codes. Those who spam their products and/or services on Aussie Stock Forums will have their accounts permanently suspended and their website URL added to the banned words list.

    10. Members signatures must meet the following guidelines: A maximum of two lines of text. Within those two lines of text you may have one link. All links will be hand checked and any found to be inappropriate will be removed. You are not permitted to use any affiliate referral codes in your signature without receiving prior permission from the administrator.

    11. Please do not post links to other stockmarket forums without prior permission from the administrator. We do not spam other forums with our URL and we expect the same courtesy in return.

    12. Please be aware that it is impossible for Aussie Stock Forums to confirm the identities of its members and that some members may misrepresent themselves, their holdings or their qualifications for the purposes of fraud and/or financial gain.

    13. By agreeing to this Code of Conduct you agree to grant Aussie Stock Forums a perpetual, irrevocable, royalty free license to display, disseminate or syndicate, in any form, any content you post on Aussie Stock Forums.

    14. If you believe a member has violated any of these codes of conduct, has breached the Aussie Stock Forums Terms of Use or has posted in violation of securities law, please contact the administrator of this site immediately using the website contact form.
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